U.S. Coastgaurd Station-Seattle, WA

U.S. Coast Guard Station Seattle Seattle, WA In September of 2011, North Wind Services of Idaho Falls, Idaho called Washington Commercial Painters (WCP) for assistance with a building on the United States Coast Guard Base in Seattle, Washington. The 90 thousand square feet building was built in 1943 and is home to the Coast Guard’s administrative offices, armory and gym. It has a sloped ceiling rising to a clerestory with cement asbestos ceiling panels in between steel purlins. The condition of the building was poor and health risks were a main concern. Mechanical units were covered in inches of dirt and dust, pigeon guano covered the tresses and lead paint was blistering off the steel structure and wood catwalk. Due to budget constraints, a full lead abatement was not an option. North Wind came to WCP seeking a creative solution for its clients: one that would create a livable environment for the Coast Guard and would not disturb their work below. By the Numbers: 90,000 – Square footage of renovated building 11,225 – Man hours to complete the scope of work 2,812 – Pieces of cardboard used to contain the asbestos ceiling 3,275 – Gallons of Multi Surface Acrylic Coating 450,000 – Square footage of surfaces cleaned and painted 176 – Tons of recycled waste removed from the project 3,873,270 – Project budget ($) 0 – Number of medical only injuries 0.02 – Negative Air level maintained during containment 11 – Months to complete the scope of work This project received the 2013 ABC Pyramid Excellence in Construction Award.