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About Turman Commercial Painters 

Turman Commercial Painters is the only national commercial painting company under one owner. Founded in 1972, Turman Commercial Painters offers our customers the benefits of a single point of contact, consistent high quality across the country, unmatched industry expertise and a dedication to quality and customer service. Company President and CEO Dave Theobald leads the organization with a commitment to customer service and integrity.

Turman Commercial Painters is grounded in the merit shop philosophy – that work should be awarded on the basis of qualifications, performance and price – in an open marketplace. Providing quality workmanship in a safe environment for fair prices is the way we choose to do business.

As part of our organizational goal to be the key creator of quality environments in the nation, Turman partnered with Washington Commercial Painters and established Oregon Commercial Painters. Through these affiliations and our multiple offices nationwide, our organization provides quality commercial painting across the country, under one ownership. Turman Commercial Painters and its affiliates are privately held corporations.

Let Turman Commercial Painters 50 years of commercial painting experience work for you. Our expertise in rebranding, tenant improvements, multi-family, retail, hospitality, medical, institutional and restoration work means craftsmanship quality on all of your jobs. Each employee is dedicated to our core values – relationship driven, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. View our projects or contact us to see how we can help with your commercial painting.

Other professional affiliations include: